Kristen Russell

Kristen Russell from KRIS MIND DYNAMICS is a Leadership & High Performance Coach specialising in Team Development & Mentoring, Communication Strategies, Leadership & Individual Development and Emotional Intelligence. Kristen also acts as a direct mentor for business owners and leaders on the pressures and stresses of everyday business operation.

Developing and mentoring individuals and teams around the globe, Kristen works directly with business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs to create a more empowered and higher performing team whilst developing and supporting the leaders own leadership style.

Kristen implements new communication and management strategies which empower individuals and utilises the strengths of the team. As a direct result, this creates confidence, trust, higher retention rates and a positive culture all whilst enhancing performance and productivity.
Kristen is an Extended DISC Team Profiler and can also identify possible new recruitment strategies needed and is able to assess whether improvements within the teams’ structure may be required.

As an Internationally Accredited Behavioural Profiler and a Meta Dynamics Level 1 Certified Coach, Kristen thrives off the success of others and believes bringing out the best in others is ultimately bring out the best in herself.

Kristen has more than 20 years experience in the Corporate and Government Sectors, with over 15 years in leadership roles inspiring and leading teams. She has over 10 years of team coaching experience and believes her love of helping others is passion that will continue to drive her for many more years to come.

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