Brendan Faulkner

AQUA POOLS GROUP – Having built, managed and sold several highly successful security businesses in the Shoalhaven, Brendan Faulkner’s latest venture is in the swimming pool market with Aqua Pools Group.  Making the transition from keeping families safe to keeping families happy was an easy shift for Brendan who, together with business partner Ben Bath, created the South Coast’s leading fibreglass pool installation company Aqua Pools.

With a vision of creating dream backyards for Australian families, Brendan’s leadership and management experience coupled with his sharp focus on nurturing a positive work culture, has ensured that Aqua Pools Group has a powerful team of people that strive for the ultimate in client experience and satisfaction. As a result, Aqua Pools has experienced exponential growth and taken strong market share in the South Coast swimming pool space.

Aqua Pools is an extension of Brendan’s existing business, The Container Men, who specialise in shipping container pools and custom-built container homes, offices and emergency accommodation.  The two businesses operate together from the company headquarters in South Nowra.

Contact Brendan on ph | 02 4422 7173 or on mb | 0408 636 680