Brad Lilly

Brad Lilly, director, IT Basecamp

I am the founder of IT BASECAMP, an information technology company providing network setup and support, website design and hosting and software development to companies in the Shoalhaven and beyond.

IT Basecamp is a team of highly-motivated individuals that provide scaleable IT solutions for business. We specialise in environments that are a mix of Windows, Linux and Apple technologies and can provide the right solutions for software, hardware and infrastructure.

I started my career as an aviation technician with the Australian Navy and as part of this role found myself maintaining a website for the Australian Army Alpine Club. This led to work with Linux and open source software, which in turn led to working with local ISPs. In the early noughties I left the military after 12 years of service and launched IT Basecamp. Today we employ over 20 staff and have a large range of projects and experience under our belt, from creation of ISP accounting systems to DNS and architecture redesign for SAAS companies, a web-based ordering system for a marine wholesaler, WAN acceleration/switching and firewalling to offsite ATM’s for a major bank, creation of an online art archive, setup of an in-house hosting platform, and construction of a travel industry wholesale system.

I love the IT industry for the continual new technology being created. These days, in addition to our work with hardware and software infrastructure we are embracing ‘generation Y’ and moving forward in the arena of social media and all this entails – striving to help clients use technology to connect with their gen-Y customers in an environment where traditional marketing strategies may no longer deliver desired results. Today it’s all about managing search engine optimisation (SEO), e-commerce strategies and the instantaneousness and timeliness of social media.

When away from the office I’m always keen for the next adventure, whether it be trekking (or enjoying coffee!) in Nepal, or finding a few metres of powder for the next family ski trip.

I.T. Basecamp


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